Need a law firm in Jette? Gooris August is your choice!

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A medium sized law firm wherein efficiency, direct contact with our clients and a qualitative service are of the highest standards.


We consider not only pleading and representing different parties in a court of law to be important, but also to provide consultancy services and trying to reach a comprise. Our practices? Commercial law, penal law, insurance law and recoveries.





EUROJURIS is the leading network of law firms in Europe, grouping about 650 firms and 5000 lawyers across Europe, and it cooperates with reliable pre-selected correspondents world-wide. Each national EUROJURIS Chapter selects as members medium-sized independent law firms well established in their country and who satisfy the Eurojuris selection criteria. The objective is to provide companies, corporations, public authorities and private clients with direct legal advice and local representation all over Europe.


When consulting your nearest EUROJURIS law firm, you will not only have a worldwide legal access, your lawyer will contact the appropriate lawyer abroad or provide you with details about the legal practitioners you need to contact. In addition to this, all Eurojuris firms are defined by internal quality standards relating to fees, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness and confidentiality. The Eurojuris’ Headquarters have been ISO 9001 certified in 2005 and have sustained this qualification since then.





You’ll find our offices at approximately 500 meters of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Koekelberg.